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Business Development Executive (BDE)

Business Development Executive is entrusted with developing relationships with prospects, qualifying prospects, leading them through the sales process, working with the technical team to identify problems, prepare and present proposals, close sales, maintain communications throughout projects between clients and the technical team, maintain relationship after project completion, as well as create additional sales opportunities.

Business development Executive is a creative problem-solver, an effective communicator and a quick thinker.

- Drive sales by identifying needs and offering results-driven web solutions for new and existing clients.
- Relationship building with clients.
- Coordinate work and project delivery with project managers.

- Help prospects determine results-driven web-based solutions for their needs.
- Write proposals.
- Close sales.
- Effectively communicate and manage client’s expectations throughout the development process.
- Maintain relationship with clients after project completion and offer additional solutions.

- At least 3+ years of Professional sales experience in a Web Development and/or IT and/or custom software.
- Project management experience.

- Flexible & Adaptive.
- A good listener and knows how to ask the right questions at the right time.
- Can quickly determine a customer's/client's buying style and what they need to make a decision.
- Ambition & Confidence.
- Ability to face rejection.
- Establishing rapport.
- Energy.
- Closing skills and ability to create desire in prospects.
- Integrity.
- Time management.
- Strong presentation skills.
- Writing skills.
- Strategic thinking.
- Market knowledge.
- Empathy.
- Leadership.

Contact- Talent Acquisition Team at +91-120-4232555

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